Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB or Fibre) is the same broadband you know and love, but instead of coming to you through copper wires, it’s delivered as light across a glass strand that’s slightly thicker than a human hair. This fibre optic technology can carry much more data than the old copper wires which means that your broadband will be faster, you’ll have less buffering and fewer drop-outs, and you will have greater capacity for more devices to do more things.

The Ultra Fast Broadband rollout is a Government-funded project to ensure that New Zealand homes and businesses keep up with the developed world. The Government has invested $1.5 billion to lay thousands of kilometers of fibre optic cable throughout the country, which will allow 75% of New Zealanders to have UFB access by 2019. This will give us Kiwis the capacity and speed to keep up with our future needs, and with the world.

To see if you can take advantage of fibre in your area, check out our "How can I get UFB" article HERE

If you have any questions about fibre, please feel free to get in touch with our technical team.

They can be called on (0800 438 669) or emailed at help@nownz.co.nz