A static / crackle on a voice line usually a fault somewhere.

Follow our guide below to troubleshoot the cause.

1. Filtering issues
If you have a Sky decoder, a phone handset or a router plugged straight into a jackpoint without a filter, you will hear some interference on the line.
Try unplugging ALL devices plugged into a jackpoint then pick the phone up again. Has the static noise disappeared? If yes, then there is an unfiltered device, or a faulty filter.
If not, try the next step.

2. Jackpoint / wiring issues
Sometimes the wiring inside a jackpoint will degrade in quality.
Try plugging your phone into another jackpoint in your home. If the static noise disappears when the phone is plugged in elsewhere, you may need to get an electrician to check out your home wiring.

3. Faulty handset
To check that its not the handset that is faulty, try unplugging the handset and check another phone.
If the other handset is OK, you may need to replace your phone.

If you are unable to resolve your issue, give our technical team a call.
They can be reached on 0800GETNOW (0800438669), or by email on help@nownz.co.nz