Does your phoneline sound like a radio trying to find a station? 

A static or crackling noise on your phoneline indicates there's a fault with either the line into your home, or the wiring of your home itself. 

Follow our steps below to find out more:

1.     Filtering issues

If you have a sky decoder, a phone or a router plugged directly into a jackpoint, the devices aren't filtered and could cause a static or crackling noise. 

We suggest installing a filter on every device that connects to a jackpoint. Try unplugging ALL devices plugged into a jackpoint then pick the phone up again. 
If you no longer hear a static noise, there's a good chance you need new filters. Give us a call and we can get you sorted. 

2.     Jackpoint / wiring issues
Over time, the internal copper wiring inside your home supplying phone and internet to your devices can degrade in quality. This is much more common on older homes that haven't had wiring redone. Try plugging your phone into another jackpoint in your home. If the static noise disappears when the phone is plugged in elsewhere, you may need to get a NOW field technician or electrician to check out your home wiring.

3.     Faulty handset
To check that its not the handset that is faulty, try unplugging the handset and check another phone.
If the other handset is OK, you may need to replace your phone. Make sure you check with us first, as we don't want you buying a phone if you don't need to. 

We can run additional checks on your line and give you good insight as to what's happening.

If you are unable to resolve your issue, give our technical team a call.
They can be reached on 0800GETNOW (0800438669), or by email on