Picked up the phone and hearing silence? Or is your handset continuously beeping?

Run through the below steps to troubleshoot what's happening with your line.

1.     Is the phone plugged in?

That was cheeky. Sorry!
More specifically, check that your phone is secured connected to jackpoint.
If you're using a filter (.. and you know you should), make sure you hear a 'click' when you connect the cables in.

2.     Is there an issue with the jackpoint?

Try plugging the phone into another jackpoint in your home.
If it works, you may need to get one of our field technicians, or an electrician, to check out the faulty jackpoint.

3.     Is there an issue with the phone?

If you have more than one phone, try dialing a number from it.

If it works, you might need to get the cabling checked. Or it could be a faulty phone.
Call us and we can run through options for you. 

4.     New to NOW (or have you moved into a new address)?

If you are waiting for NOW to connect services, or have moved into a new address, the connection might not be ready.
Call us and we can help you out.

5.     Do you have an internet connection?

Chances are, if there is a line fault, both your internet and phone will be down.

Try to load a few websites to test. If the internet doesn't work, you may need to give us a call to investigate further. 

If the above did not resolve your issue, or you need help with your phoneline, feel free to give our technical team a call.

They can be called on 0800GETNOW (0800438669), or emailed on help@nownz.co.nz