NOW operates a conference call service that can be enabled on any landline.

To book a conference:
  - Dial 081144.
  - Select option 2 to book a conference call
  - You will be given a 6 digit PIN number
  - Press 1 to confirm booking
  - Press 2 to repeat conference booking PIN number
  - The 6 digit PIN number is valid for one week, and can be used multiple times over that week.

To join a conference:
You can invite attendees to join a conference up to one week prior to the call.
You will need to supply the callers with the free call access number, your assigned 6 digit PIN number, and the meeting start time / date. The attendees simply dial the access number and follow the prompts to join the conference.

Calling from the NOW phone network:
Dial 06 650 0006 and press option 1 to join followed by the 6 digit PIN number. Enter your PIN number and proceed to join the conference.

Calling from outside the NOW network:
The caller will hear “Conferencing service, please enter your 6 digit conferencing PIN number”. Enter your PIN number and proceed to join the conference.

Calling from overseas:
International callers can dial +64 6 6500 006 to access the conference system. The caller will be charged their standard international toll rate to New Zealand.

Conference charges:
The conference call is $5.00 + GST per booking to the NOW customer booking the conference and all attendees will be charged as per normal from their telecommunications provider (local and national) .

If you need help using our conference call service feel free to get in touch with our technical team.
You can call 0800GETNOW (0800438669) or email us at